Take Action

Here’s what you can do to help ERFA win this fight:

1.. Support ERFA now with a financial contribution.

Donate to the cause. (The East River Fifties Alliance is a nonprofit, 501(c)(4) corporation that is recognized as tax-exempt by the IRS. Please note that donations are not tax deductible).

We are closer to realizing protective rezoning for the East River Fifties than ever.  The City Planning Commission’s public hearing for our application has been scheduled for next Wednesday — one of the last few major steps in this effort to successfully rezone our neighborhood and protect it from megatowers and out of context development.  But we need your financial support now to get us through those final steps.  ERFA must have its expert planners and legal team at the ready until we cross the finish line.  This fight — and the successes that have gotten us to this point — have depended on their knowledge of planning, zoning, and how the City’s system works.  And we still need them.  Please don’t let our community effort falter at this critical stage.

Please use this link to send a generous contribution now.  Donating online is the fastest way to put your support to good and immediate use.  If you prefer, download this form and send in your contribution by mail — by either credit card or check.

Please give generously now.  If you’ve already given, thank you — and please give again.  If you’ve been waiting to make the biggest impact with your contribution, now is the time.


2. For those that are most affected by the construction on East 58th Street, for complaints for unsafe conditions, after hours work without a permit, and legitimate concerns about the construction, call 311 or  log your complaint here. We do not encourage spurious complaints, but we do urge you to make your voice heard if you have legitimate complaints, especially if they concern personal safely, the safety of your building, or if work is being performed after hours without a permit.  Councilmember Kallos is following up on this issue, but he can only act on your behalf if residents register their complaints officially.


This is not someone else’s fight or concern – if it affects you personally – we encourage you to act.


3. Come to our Town Hall meetings.  These meetings are open to the public and offer a way to connect to neighbors who care about this issue.  ERFA board members are present to give updates on our progress, answer questions and offer ways that you can get involved.  If you are not on the mailing list, join now. Fill out the form to the right to get notices.


4. Be part of the public process. Write to your elected officials to urge them to support the new zoning plan. Tell them to update the obsolete R10 zoning of the East River Fifties, which leaves our neighborhood vulnerable to these over-scaled developments. (Check out the FAQ for more information on the process required by the City to take our plan from acceptance to possible implementation.)


5. Join the East River 50s Alliance. Use the form in the right column to sign up for our mailing list for updates on news and events and add your name to the public list of supporters.


6. Spread the news. Tell your friends and neighbors about ERFA and its commitment to preserving quality of life in one of New York City’s beloved residential districts. You can use the social links at the bottom of the page to share information on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites.