ERFA in the news: Wall Street Journal on the order blocking demolition on construction site on East 58th Street

By Anne Coates,

According to the WSJ: “Last Monday, a bankruptcy judge ordered the sale of the East 58th Street site, assembled by Joseph Beninati’s Bauhouse Group. But the community groups, along with elected officials,
are hoping to delay the project until a new zoning plan limiting building heights can be put into effect.

“The plan, which the groups and officials said they were ready to formally propose to the City Planning Commission as early as this week, calls for buildings in the neighborhood to be no taller than 260 feet…”The groups hope it is approved before development work begins at the site. The proposed change also could discourage bidders at the auction, which was ordered by the court following a dispute between Bauhouse Group and its lenders, led by N. Richard Kalikow.

“The zoning change isn’t the only hurdle the project faces. On Wednesday, the Department of Buildings blocked a permit needed to complete demolition of the site, after conducting an audit requested by [Councilmember Ben] Kallos.” To read more, click here.

Q&A With Gail Wasserman and Jennifer Crandall: It’s Not Over Yet!

By Team ERFA,

East River Fifties residents and ERFA members Gail Wasserman and Jennifer Crandall have been leading our tabling efforts around the neighborhood. They are the smiling faces that distribute information and answer questions about ERFA’s plan and its progress. We asked them about the most common questions and misconceptions. Here’s what the ladies said:

What is the biggest misconception that you keep hearing?

People think that the former developer’s bankruptcy and foreclosure struggle means that there is no longer any danger of the E 58th St. building being built.

The truth:

Foreclosure on a loan only means that the property would be transferred to another owner via an auction conducted by the lender. Another developer could take over the project and plan an equally tall building, perhaps with greater ability than the Bauhouse Group to see the project through to completion. Although the bankruptcy proceeding has caused a temporary delay, it could be resolved at any time and the project could rapidly move forward with a very able developer. The antiquated zoning laws that allow megatowers in our residential neighborhood would still exist and continue to be a threat in the future. ERFA’s rezoning plan, if successful, will ensure that this site and others in the East River Fifties community will no longer permit such towers.

Most asked question:

Do you really think you can win?


Yes! Not only do we have an energized and involved community and a rezoning plan that exemplifies everything that the City says it wants, we also have four elected officials (Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer, City Council Members Ben Kallos and Dan Garodnick, and State Senator Liz Krueger) that actually co-filed our plan with us at the Department of City Planning.

The takeaway:

The East River Fifties community is angry that this may happen in the Sutton neighborhood as well as elsewhere in the City. People are energized and committed to getting the rezoning accomplished.

Thank you again to Gail Wasserman and Jennifer Crandall for their continued hard work on this cause. You can find them at their next tabling event on June 16th at Cathedral High School (across the street from Le Pain Quotidien) on 1st Avenue and 56th Street.

Meanwhile, you can read our full FAQ here, or ask us something else by sending an email to

ERFA’s Lisa Mercurio Led a Jane’s Walk

By Team ERFA,

Each year, the Municipal Art Society oversees a series of Jane’s Walks in honor of legendary urban activist Jane Jacobs. As part of that effort, on Saturday, May 7, East River Fifties resident and ERFA Communications Director Lisa Mercurio lead 25 people on a Jane’s Walk around our quiet residential neighborhood.


Ms. Mercurio’s walk, entitled, Historic Sutton Place Clashes with Billionaire’s Row, highlighted the conflict that is taking place between oversized towers and the unique nature of this residential neighborhood as Billionaire’s Row extends eastward. Her tour took participants past many of the “soft sites” in the neighborhood where supertalls can be built and talked about ERFA’s rezoning plan and its critical importance in keeping our residential community livable. During the lively walk, Ms. Mercurio fielded many questions and talked about the neighborhood’s history. Everyone left with a much better understanding of the threat posed by megatowers and the unique character of the community. They also each got their very own ERFA lapel pin.


Our Rally Was a Rousing Success

By Team ERFA,

Last Tuesday, we held a rally/demonstration at Sutton Square calling on the City to hurry along approval of our rezoning plan and help us protect the East River Fifties community (the area between 52nd and 59th Streets, east of First Avenue) from megatowers forever.

ERFA’s Director of Communications Lisa Mercurio emceed the event. Councilmember Ben Kallos, spoke to the crowd, as did representatives from Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer’s office and Councilmember Dan Garodnick. Lynn Ellsworth, Co-Founder of New Yorkers for a Human-Scale City also addressed the community.

All photos by ERFA unless otherwise noted.

Deputy Manhattan Borough President Aldrin Bonilla

Deputy Manhattan Borough President Aldrin Bonilla

May 10 Rally Marianna Vaidman Stone Garodnick Representative

Senior Policy Advisor Marianna Vaidman Stone speaking on behalf of Councilmember Dan Garodnick



May 10 Rally Lynn Ellsworth Drew Credit

Photo by Drew Bolton

Lynn Ellsworth from New Yorkers for a Human-Scale City



May 10 Rally Crowd

Photo by Drew Bolton


May 10 Rally CM Kallos Lisa Be Afraid Poster

Photo by Drew Bolton

Councilmember Ben Kallos and ERFA Communications Director Lisa Mercurio


May 10 Rally CM Kallos Deputy BP Bonilla Drew Credit

Photo by Drew Bolton

Deputy Borough President Aldrin Bonilla and Council Member Ben Kallos


May 10 Rally Lisa and Alan Drew

Photo by Drew Bolton

ERFA President Alan Kersh and Communications Director/Emcee extraordinaire Lisa Mercurio


May 10 Rally Crowd Drew 3

Photo by Drew Bolton



May 10 Rally Community Poster Drew Credit

Photo by Drew Bolton


May 10 Rally Posters, Raymond, Safety - Drew Credit

Photo by Drew Bolton

This Thursday: Evening Town Hall With Council Member Dan Garodnick!

By Team ERFA,

Thursday, May 19th @ 6pm: Come Hear Council Member Dan Garodnick Speak to the Community at ERFA’s Evening Town Hall

Council Member Dan Garodnick, a co-filer on ERFA’s rezoning plan and a staunch supporter of our efforts to protect our community against supertowers, will address the community at Thursday’s evening Town Hall @ 6pm.

He has been urging the Department of City Planning to hurry along our zoning plan’s approval: “The outdated zoning around Sutton Place makes it vulnerable to out-of-scale development, and that’s the last thing this quiet, residential neighborhood needs. The community has put forth a strong rezoning proposal to prevent superscrapers from taking over, and we need to move this plan through the review process and pass it as quickly as possible.”

Join us:

Thursday, May 19th @ 6pm

Plaza 400 Skytop Lounge

(400 East 56th Street)

Hope to see you there.