ERFA News: Media Covers CB6 Resolution

By Team ERFA,

DNAinfo published an article about Community Board 6’s recent resolution. The piece included details about ERFA’s rezoning plan (head to our Media Center for more) and a quote from ERFA’s President, Alan Kersh.

DNAinfo: Grassroots Sutton Place Rezoning Plan Gets Backing from Community Board

MIDTOWN EAST — Community Board 6 has thrown its support behind a rezoning proposal aimed at stopping the construction of skyscrapers in Sutton Place.

CB 6 voted nearly unanimously earlier this month to support a community-funded rezoning application that would limit the height of all new towers, east of First Avenue, from East 52nd to East 59th streets, to 260 feet, or 25 stories.

The East 50s River Alliance, a neighborhood group that sprang up in opposition to the project, filed the rezoning application in January, with support from four city and state lawmakers including Councilman Ben Kallos and State Senator Liz Krueger.

Alan Kersh, president of the alliance, thanked CB 6 for its support of the initiative in a statement.

“We are thrilled that CB6 has not only reiterated its support for rezoning the area to reflect community concerns, but called on City Planning to move swiftly in reviewing and acting on ERFA’s proposal,” Kersh said.