Our Fight

1000FTnew2Although New York is a city whose landscape continues to change, most agree that today we are seeing an overabundance of outsized, unneeded, and unwanted development projects. For example, the Bauhouse Group recently publicized a plan to construct a 1,000-foot building on East 58th Street between First Avenue and Sutton Place – a plan which would have placed a megatower in the middle of a narrow residential side street!  Gamma Real Estate has now acquired the property from Bauhouse and is continuing the effort to construct a supertall building on that site.  This is only possible due to the neighborhood’s uniquely outdated zoning (within the residential area from 52nd to 59th Streets), which fails to protect against such out-of-scale developments. 

Local communities like ours deserve to have a say in what their neighborhood will look like – both now and in the future. Good development that keeps our community unique and livable, with access to green and open space, is possible. 

That’s why we have created an improved rezoning plan that will do just that, and will not only stop the 58th Street megatower but all others. Our exceptional collaboration between residents and planners may also be a model for other communities as well.