December Town Hall

Come to this week’s Town Hall and and hear the status of ERFA’s work to protect the East River Fifties.


WHEN:            December 13, 2018

WHERE:          Morso Restaurant

420 East 59th Street

TIME:              8-9 a.m.

Come hear an update on what happens in court before Judge Debra A. James on December 11th, when she hears arguments on the Article 78 appeal — in which ERFA is petitioning the Court to reverse the Board of Standards & Appeals decision to “grandfather” the megatower.

You’ll remember from our last update that in a significant win for ERFA, Gamma Real Estate (the developer that is trying to build the 800-foot-tall megatower on East 58th Street) has been restricted, pending further order of the Court, from constructing a building unless it is accordance with the new zoning enacted by the City Council on November 30, 2017.
On the 11th, Judge James will also face the issue of whether to extend restrictions on the developer while the case proceeds.
Since several months may elapse before she issues a decision on the Article 78 appeal, it is important for us to extend the restrictions on construction during that time.

After hearing both sides on the 11th, Judge James will likely issue a final decision in approximately 12-16 weeks .

Stay with us. Come hear the update in person, keep your neighbors informed, and help ERFA address the costly nature of this undertaking by making a donation today.

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