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January 2020 Town Hall Notice

By Team ERFA,


Come get an update on ERFA’s efforts and the status of our case.

What:  Town Hall

Where:  Morso Restaurant, 520 East 59th Street

When:  Thursday, January 23, 2020, 8 a.m.

See you there

Town Hall March 7, 2019 @ 8 a.m.

By Team ERFA,

Dear All,

As many of you know, ERFA was scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday, February 26th for a hearing on whether the construction at the 430 East 58th Street site will be limited to a height of 80 feet while we await a decision on our Article 78 case.  Instead, our hearing with Supreme Court Judge Debra A. James was postponed.

We will not be adversely affected by the postponement, since Judge James directed the developer to confirm that no work to increase the height of the building beyond 80 feet will be performed until after the hearing (and perhaps longer depending on the outcome of the hearing).

As we previously reported to you, if we win our Article 78 appeal and the developer is required to comply with the new zoning, any non-conforming construction would have to be demolished. We are arguing, among other things, that construction should be limited to 80 feet while our case is pending so as to avoid having to suffer through the demolition of a building which should not have been constructed in the first place.

The new hearing date is this coming Monday, March 4th. We’ll report what happens at the Town Hall on Thursday at Morso. We will provide you with an update of the circumstances and possibly have a decision from the judge regarding our future.



When: Thursday morning, March 7th @ 8 am

Where: Morso Restaurant, 420 East 59th Street


Your ERFA Leadership Team


By Team ERFA,




This morning’s Town Hall will be held at Bistro Vendome, NOT Morso. See you there.

WHEN: February 7, 2019 8 a.m.

WHERE: Bistro Vendome
405 East 58th Street
(between 1st Avenue and Sutton Place)


By Team ERFA,



We’ve got good news, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at 58th Street…

We will share the status of our determined fight and help you distinguish between what’s wrong and what’s right.

WHEN:           February 7, 2019

WHERE:          Morso Restaurant

                         420 East 59th Street

TIME:              8-9 a.m.


Stay with us. Come hear the update in person, keep your neighbors informed, and help ERFA address the costly nature of this undertaking by making a donation today.

We are in this to win

December Decision Update

By Team ERFA,

As revealed to all who attended the Town Hall on Thursday, December 13, 2018, ERFA continues to blaze a trail and maintain protections against megatowers and supertalls for our beloved Sutton Place neighborhood.

As many people know, ERFA appeared in front of Judge Debra A. James in New York State Supreme Court on Tuesday, the 11th of December.

The details of our Article 78 case were strongly represented by attorney Michael Hiller and Councilmember Ben Kallos, demonstrating that no developer should be granted a zoning “grandfathering” exception when it has not abided by all aspects of the law. In our case, we know that all aspects of the law were not followed by the developer and, that the Board of Standards & Appeals did not act properly in granting them an exception to proceed. If you wish to read the transcript of our hearing, we will be posting it on ERFA.NYC as soon as it is available.

Finally, in view of the fact that this case is being reviewed by New York State Supreme Court and not a City government agency, we are optimistic that both the strength of our case and, the rule of law shall prevail and therefore, this is our way of wishing you all a very happy holiday season.

WHAT TO EXPECT:  “Build it Right” 
The newly adopted zoning measure (enacted in November 2017) calls for Tower on a Base which is a contextual, neighborhood zoning specification and allows for developers to build, but not in a configuration that exceeds Tower on a Base requirements.

Under those requirements, the lowest 85 feet of a building would not necessarily be shaped differently from the lowest 85 feet of the megatower the developer is trying to construct. Therefore, the restriction that was put in place last October limiting construction to a height of 16 feet has been loosened to allow for construction up to a height of 80 feet.


At that point — when construction is near the 85 foot height at which it would become inconsistent with Tower on a Base zoning– if the judge has not already reached her decision on our Article 78 appeal — she will decide whether the developer should be allowed to do any additional construction while the case is still pending.

Note: The building height is to be calculated as a measurement from the ground up. You can expect continued activity on the site, but it should not exceed the 80 foot height which would trigger review by the judge.

In the true spirit of “if you see something, say something,” please continue to notify 311 of any obvious traffic, construction, safety or unlawful activity that you witness. We are greatly appreciative of the community’s efforts toward those protections.

Have a beautiful, happy, healthy and safe holiday season.
We expect 2019 will be a successful year for The East River Fifties

The ERFA Leadership Committee

P.S. We continue to rely on your generosity, concern and commitment. Please consider making a donation on behalf of the neighborhood you know and love.