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Community Board 6 Calls on City Planning to Act on ERFA Plan

By Team ERFA,

ERFA Plan Continues to Gain Momentum As Community Board 6 Calls Upon Department of City Planning and City Planning Commission to Act on East River Fifties Alliance Rezoning Proposal


On Wednesday, February 10th, Manhattan’s Community Board 6 (CB6) passed, by an overwhelming majority, a resolution that calls upon the Department of City Planning and City Planning Commission to act on the rezoning plan submitted by ERFA. We are grateful that CB6 passed this resolution.  You can read the entire resolution here, or head over to our latest News post for media coverage.



Not a Done Deal: Developer Facing Foreclosure

By Team ERFA,

This megatower is not a done deal. We keep repeating this because it’s still true. Much as Bauhouse Group likes to boast that its megatower will go up, regardless of community wishes or zoning changes, there are signs that the construction of the development is far from ensured. The developer claims that our proposed zoning change cannot possibly pass through all the needed governmental approvals before the building goes up, but Bauhouse still doesn’t have the money it needs for the project. In fact, it owes a debt of $128.8 million to Gamma Real Estate, which is taking steps to foreclose on it. You can read more about the impending foreclosure in our latest news post.

ERFA’s Rezoning Plan: A Model for the Community and Beyond

By Team ERFA,

This week, after months and months of determined work, ERFA filed its rezoning plan with the Department of City Planning. It allows for sustainable and reasonable development, and also allows for 25% of new construction be allotted for affordable housing, in line with the Mayor’s current plan. Please do take a look at The ERFA Zoning Plan, our FAQ about it, and remember to sign up to get our updates too.

Preservation v. Development – What Should We Choose?

By Team ERFA,

There are those who are trying to frame the current NYC development situation as a “fight” between those who don’t want anything to change – the preservationists – against those who feel NYC needs more development to accommodate a growing population – the development advocates.

Here at ERFA, we don’t think it needs to be a choice. We can have both development and preservation, as long as there’s well devised planning and the needs of each community are kept in mind. Our built city needs to reflect all of our needs for not just buildings, but light, air, green spaces and livability. It might be “easy” to pit one group against the other, but the situation is simply too complex to be reduced to a boxing metaphor.