About Us

The East River 50s Alliance (ERFA) is a nonprofit 501(c)(4) corporation founded in 2015 by East River Fifties residents, co-operatives and condominiums to reform New York City’s zoning laws to prevent out-of-scale development in the East River Fifties (the area between 52nd Street and 59th Street, east of First Avenue). 

ERFA is a community-led, grassroots organization that has the support of many elected officials. Four elected officials – Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer, Councilmembers Ben Kallos and Dan Garodnick, and State Senator Liz Krueger – were all co-applicants to our application for a zoning change to prevent the construction of supertall residential towers in the Sutton Place area and encourage community diversity. ERFA’s efforts are also supported by Congressmember Carolyn Maloney and Assemblymember Dan Quart.  The NYC City Council passed our proposal with a 45-0 vote (with one abstention) in favor.

Over the past three years, ERFA’s membership has grown to include 45 buildings, represented by co-op boards, condo boards and individual owners, and over 2700 individual supporters living in more than 550 buildings within and beyond the rezoning area.

The East River 50s Alliance

Leadership Committee

Stephan Bassett
Jennifer Crandall
Alan Kersh*
Lisa Mercurio*
Melissa Mittman
Jessica Osborn*
Honey Raider
Robert Shepler*
Morris Vogel
Gail Wasserman
*Denotes ERFA board member

Members & Supporters

Buildings, Co-operatives and Condominiums
333 East 53rd Street
300 East 54th Street
333 East 57th Street
345 East 57th Street
410 East 57th Street
411 East 57th Street
430 East 57th Street
435 East 57th Street
441 East 57th Street
444 East 57th Street
405 East 58th Street
420 East 58th Street
425 East 58th Street – The Sovereign
400 East 59th Street
418 East 59th Street – Grand Sutton
1 Sutton Place
3 – 5 Sutton Place
7 – 9 Sutton Place
11 Sutton Place
13 Sutton Place
15 Sutton Place
16 Sutton Place
17 Sutton Place
19 Sutton Place
25 Sutton Place
30 Sutton Place
1 Sutton Place South
2 Sutton Place South
14 Sutton Place South
45 Sutton Place South
50 Sutton Place South
2 Sutton Square
4 Sutton Square
6 Sutton Square
8 – 12 Sutton Square
14 Sutton Square
16 Sutton Square


Individual Supporters

ERFA has more than 2,700 supporters in more than 550 buildings — both inside and outside the rezoning area — who have volunteered, signed petitions, sent letters to the City Council, the Mayor and the City Planning Commission, and made personal financial contributions to support this effort.

And this number is growing every day. This issue is of citywide interest.  To see a geographic visualization of supporter locations, click here.

Note:  Individual pins on the map represent only the building, not the density of supporters within any given building.
(as of January 5, 2018)