Advisory: Manhattan Electeds Call on City to prohibit developers from evading zoning regulations

Advisory: Manhattan Electeds Call on City to prohibit developers from evading zoning regulations

Who: Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, State Senator Liz Krueger (Rep), Council Member Ben Kallos, Friends of the Upper East Side Historic Districts, Carnegie Hill Neighbors, Landmark West!

What: Press Conference calling on the on Board of Standards and Appeals to rule against the creation of small unbuildable lots designed to sidestep zoning regulations and against the gerrymandering of lots by developers for the same purpose.

Where: City Hall Steps

When: Monday, July 16 at 11:30 AM

Why: Allowing the blatant circumvention of zoning rules through the creation of unbuildable lots and the gerrymandering of lots will lead to more abuses of the loopholes and the undermining of Zoning Rules throughout New York City. The buildings under construction at 200 Amsterdam Avenue and 180 East 88th Street are just two cases on the Upper West and Upper East Sides that use these tactics, but if the BSA permits these buildings to stand, such practices will become the norm citywide. The deliberate sculpting and gerrymandering of zoning lots to evade zoning rules are just two examples of the loopholes developers are using that undermine the City’s own rules for private gain. These lead to buildings that are out of scale and negatively impact the character of residential neighborhoods. Tactics like inter-building and mechanical voids and ultra-tall ceiling heights that are exempt from zoning are additional loopholes exploited to maximize height. Mayor de Blasio and Marisa Lago, Chair of the City Planning Commission, committed recently to addressing the mechanical void issue. At a June 27th town hall, the Mayor acknowledged that the City should study all the loopholes, not only voids. He said, “The logical answer is we should look at all the loopholes and come back with a decision… We should come back and look at the whole package.” Now, we call on the Mayor to uphold his word and direct the Department of City Planning to investigate the full package of loopholes contributing to overdevelopment in residential communities citywide and propose a meaningful policy solution.

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