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Depiction of 95 Story Tower

Our New Community-Generated Zoning Proposal Can Keep Megatowers Out of Our Residential Neighborhood

The East River Fifties (the area between 52nd Street and 59th Street, east of First Avenue) is the only residential community left in New York City where mid-blocks and quiet residential streets have absolutely no height limits for buildings. In other residential communities, a 1960s-era R10 zoning designation has been replaced by more suitable zoning requirements which set specific height limits for buildings in those neighborhoods. But in the East River Fifties, the inappropriate R10 zoning designation, which sets no height limits, still remains in place. At least one developer has already swept in to take advantage of those lax restrictions, planning a 1,000-foot tall tower on East 58th Street. Several other “soft sites” in the neighborhood are susceptible to out-of-scale development as well.

The East River 50s Alliance (ERFA) is committed to protecting this beloved neighborhood from such oversized development, and has submitted one of the most sweeping community re-zoning plans in city history to the City Planning Commission. The new zoning would stop supertowers and out-of-scale development, while working with the City’s existing affordable housing programs to make sure that the area remains livable for more New Yorkers.

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